Erie County Conservative Party


The Erie County conservative party continues to get stronger. In 2016 again, we made the difference in a substantial number of races. In addition, we exceeded the number of votes placed on our line in certain races by well over 25%. For a party that has just over 13,000 registered voters, we were able to put over 33,000 votes on our line in certain elections. Obviously, a substantial number of our votes are crossover votes from other parties.

We celebrated the success of our President, our Republican Congress and our Republican Senate. While things are far from perfect, we have shown the strength of people with independent conservative values.

Another election year is upon us.  Please look to this website to see a full list of our endorsed candidates for this year.

We are also engaged in a battle with the Erie County Democratic leadership. Democratic County Chairman , Jeremy Zellner and County Executive Mark Poloncarz have made it clear that if you support “ their”  party, there would be no reason to seek the conservative line. In my opinion, these two men do not understand their own Erie County Democratic voters. Sure, there is a percentage of liberal Democrats in the county , but it is far from the majority. Most Erie County Democratic voters are hard-working, ethnic, traditional, conservative people who believe in common sense ideas like: taxes are too high; criminals belong in jail; police should be respected; law abiding gun owners are not the root of our crime problem; plastic bags should be legal and that life is sacred.

Erie County residents vote for lower taxes, smarter spending and a  government built to assist them with jobs, better roads and affordable services. Elected officials who understand how to prioritize. Elected officials who strive to better our economy . Elected officials who want to reduce property taxation; reduce governmental regulation; and promote our workforce while maintaining in place the necessary safety net for those less fortunate. These are the goals of the Erie County Conservative Party and the goals we look for in our candidates.

 Please feel free to email me with your thoughts..        


                                                                        Ralph C. Lorigo, Chairman

                                                                        Erie County Conservative Party