Erie County Conservative Party

I want to THANK YOU for taking the time to review this website.  I would like to give you some facts and figures as to the success of the Erie County Conservative Party:

            1.         In 2014, Erie County cast 25,798 votes on the Conservative line for Rob Astorino . . . over 10% of the votes he received on the Conservative line statewide and more than twice the number of Conservative votes he received in his own Westchester County.

            2.         In Hamburg, Kathy Hochul’s hometown, with an override of Democratic voters, Rob Astorino actually beat Cuomo because of the Conservative line.  The Cuomo/Hochul ticket received 7,055 votes on the Democratic line; the Astorino/Moss ticket received 6,202 votes on the Republican line, but also received 2,370 votes on the Conservative line, giving the Town of Hamburg to Rob Astorino.

            3.         In Erie County, three out of five county-wide elected offices are held by Republicans, but each got there only because of the Conservative line.  In 2011, Chris Jacobs won the County Clerk position by 3,883 votes, but received 18,480 votes on the Conservative line . . . making the Conservative line the reason for his win!

            4.         In 2012, Stefan Mychajliw won the County Comptroller seat by 9,324 votes, but got 25,109 votes on the Conservative line . . . again, the Conservative line made the difference!

            5.         Our Sheriff, Tim Howard, in his first two elections, won only by the Conservative line!

            6.         In 2013, for the first time in 37 years, the Republicans, with Conservative help, elected a majority to the County Legislature.  Again, only because of the Conservative line.

            These accomplishments come through the support of you.  Your support is necessary.  This year, we actually received a tax decrease on our County tax because of the Republican/Conservative elected majority in the Legislature!

            We can do good things together.  We need your help and your support.  Feel free to email me to let me know your thoughts, feelings and how you would like to get involved.

            We want to know your goals, what elected officials you believe are doing well and those you believe are not, and what role you want to play in the Erie County Conservative Party system.

            Hoping to hear from each of you,


                                                                        Ralph C. Lorigo, Chairman

                                                                        Erie County Conservative Party 

Dear Conservative Party Member,